Riders' Code of conduct

Guiding Principles

This Code of Conduct encourages the Dragon Boat Racing Team to work together, to play with good sportsmanship and to treat team members, the coach, sponsors, race organizers, and the public with respect.



  • Maintain pride in self and team
  • Strive to keep high standards of conduct
  • Cheering is always encourage for one’s own team
  • No taunts, chants, noises, cheers, songs, profanity, signs or motions directed to the opposing team, coaches or officials
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Positive signs may be displayed for one’s own team
  • No disrespect will be shown to the opposing team during introductions/races/or finishes
  • Abide by the decisions of the officials
  • Accept victory or defeat graciously
  • We encourage no consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs between races

Attendance – Commitment to the team is shown through regular practice attendance, however, it is understood that things happen which are out of your control.  With this in mind expected attendance standards are:

  • The team will assume that you will attend practices, and races as arranged;
  • On the odd occasion you are not able to attend, you are expected to notify the Team Coach or Team Captain as soon as possible before practice or race;
  • Arrival time for practices is fifteen minutes before designated start time.  For races, arrival time will be designated by the Team Captain accordingly;
  • The Team Coach will take each person’s attendance records into consideration when determining Race Rosters.  Those who have had regular attendance will be selected over those who have demonstrated a random commitment;
  • Members are expected to help launch, dock, and maintain boats;
  • Members are responsible to attend any meetings called by the Team Coach or Team Captain

There are no race fee refunds if you don’t notify the Captain/Coach with legitimate reasons that you can’t attend the race 2 weeks prior to race dates.

Participating with other dragon boat teams It is important that team members be available for all practice and race heats assigned to them.  Members are to consult with the Team Coach before steering or drumming for another team.

Public Conduct – Team members will not disrespect the TeamCaptain, Coach, team members, sponsors, or race event organizers in any form of public media whether the media be verbal, printed, or electronic (websites, chat rooms, blogs, etc.)  Vulgar language is not enjoyed or appreciated.

After Race Expectations – All team members, including the Steersperson and Drummer are expected to go back to the team’s camp immediately after each race heat for a proactive team debriefing.  The Team Coach will be responsible for managing the direction and discussion content of the feedback which takes place.  In the case of disagreement with race officials, the Team Coach will bring concerns (s) forward with the race organizers.

Dress – Team members are expected to wear their team shirt during all race heats.

Dealing with in house conflict – To help stop escalation of conflict, members are encourage to discuss it with the Team Coach/or Team Captain rather than with other team members.  The Team Coach or Captain is responsible for talking to the person (s) involved to work out a resolution.


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